The Association

The Gold Coast Catchment Association is the umbrella organisation for community groups who are involved in the hands on restoration, maintenance and protection of the Gold Coast’s natural areas. We support the “doers” who plant trees, remove weeds, care for native animals and clean up our waterways and beaches.

The Association supports our network of members by:

  • Managing the finances of non-incorporated groups so they don’t need to go through the hassle
    of becoming incorporated, and can concentrate on on-ground work
  • Providing insurance
  • Providing profile for our members on our website
  • Sharing knowledge between our members, and with the community
  • Influencing government policy and actions to assist our members and the environment
  • Running citizen science programs, such as PlatypusWatch
  • Running large events such as tree planting days, bus tours and conferences.

There are an increasing number of groups who are taking action to protect and care for Gold Coast’s catchments and environment. We seek to support and help network these groups so that collectively the community can become stronger and more effective on the ground – where it counts.

Our ultimate aim is to make a real difference to restore our catchments to places of beauty, clean water and native habitat that will support our community and wildlife for centuries to come






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