SEQ Water

Seqwater is one of the biggest investors in native habitat restoration on the Gold Coast. The following provides a profile of what they do generally and the very significant restoration projects they are carrying out in the Gold Coast’s

Seqwater delivers a safe, secure and cost-effective bulk drinking water supply for 3.1 million people across South East Queensland, and supplies water for irrigation to about 1,200 rural customers. Seqwater also provides essential flood mitigation services and manages popular lake recreational areas visited by almost 2.6 million people last year. The organisation is one of Australia’s largest water businesses, with operations extending from the New South Wales border to the base of the Toowoomba ranges and north to Gympie.

Seqwater catchment employees based in Gold Coast and Redlands are responsible for catchment management and protection at various sites including Hinze Dam, Little Nerang Dam, Leslie Harrison Dam and North Stradbroke Island.

A clean catchment is critical to a safe drinking water supply. Seqwater has a number of pest animal and weed management programs to protect local Gold Coast catchments including:

  • The Hinze Dam Birdwing Butterfly project: To protect the native Richmond Birdwing Butterfly, Seqwater employees are removing the Dutchman’s pine vine and replacing the invasive species with the butterfly’s native plant food – the birdwing butterfly vine.
  • Numinbah Valley nature refuge offset: Following the Stage 3 upgrade of the Hinze Dam, a large amount of vegetation became inundated as a result of raising the dam’s water storage level. Vegetation loss was offset with a nature refuge in the Numinbah Valley. The 300-hectare property is a key stepping stone for flora and fauna as it links Lamington National Park to Springbrook National Park. Seqwater’s catchment team has been undertaking ecological restoration works to restore the sites function, structure and integrity.
  • Neranwood cats claw and riparian restoration: The cats claw project has been operating for two years now and has already successfully controlled about four hectares of an invasive weed called cats claw, as well as the restoration of surrounding bushland. Seqwater is also restoring riparian ecosystems in the Little Nerang Creek downstream of Little Nerang Dam.
  • Hinze Dam nursery: Seqwater recently re-established a native species nursery at Hinze Dam to provide the catchment with locally sourced native plant species. There will also be opportunities in the future for the community to receive native plants for their properties or local projects to help keep our catchments healthy