Have you seen a Platypus? Want to see a Platypus? Get involved with PlatypusWatch so we can develop a reliable ‘snapshot’ of platypus populations on the Gold Coast.

PlatypusWatch is a community-based program that aims to document where platypus occur to identify where conservation actions are needed – now and in the future – to protect this very special animal.

How to get involved:

  1. Join our  PlatypusWatch Group and take part in regular surveys
  2. If you live near a creek or are visiting a creek and you see a platypus, report your sighting

Our regular surveys are fun, social and exciting as you’ll never know what you might see as the sun rises over the water! Enjoy a cuppa or some hot soup after a survey and share stories or photos.

How to Report a Sighting

The best way to report a platypus sighting on the Gold Coast is to email the following details to PlatypusWatch:

Your name

  1. Your contact number
  2. Where you saw the platypus
  3. The date and time you saw the platypus
  4. How sure you are that it was a platypus?

News from PlatypusWatch – September 2015

News from PlatypusWatch – September 2016

Media from PlatypusWatch – ABC Coast FM 91.7

Update from August 2016 surveys: 

PlatypusWatch August 2016 surveys are complete and the results are in! Whilst volunteer numbers remained similar to previous surveys, the number of platypus observed has generally increased across three catchments. We had excited chatter from the volunteers over a BBQ and coffee at the end of each survey. Photos and videos were shown off and behavioural antics were discussed! Thank you to our dedicated PlatypusWatch team!

Results for Mudgeeraba are concerning and our assumption for the decline is likely to be the use of yabbie traps and development in the catchment, including land clearing and creek infrastructure works.

Platypus are special apex species in our waterways and we, as the custodians of these waterways, need to take care of their environment to allow them the opportunity to survive and thrive in our waterways.

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Results are in

platypus sightingsAutumn 2006 Survey Sightings   platypus sightings 2010Autumn 2010 Survey Sightings

View Platypus Monitoring in a larger map

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PlatypusWatch on the Gold Coast is a key component of a statewide platypus monitoring program coordinated by Wildlife Queensland and supported by the Gold Coast Catchment Association and the City of Gold Coast. 

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How to use the Map

This is an interactive map.

Click on a feature on the map to find more information about it. Use the controls at the top left corner to zoom in and out, and move around, or alternatively double click to zoom and use the left mouse button to grab and move the map.
Try different backgrounds to the map –
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This map will provide an ongoing record of PlatypusWatch sightings to help measure Platypus population on the Gold Coast.  Please note that positions are approximate only.

Did you know?

Platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) is one of Australia’s most intriguing animals and can only been found in Australia.

They inhabit many freshwater rivers and creeks from Tasmania to the Arran River near Cooktown in northern Queensland. On the Gold Coast, they can be spotted by a patient ‘Platypuswatcher’ in our freshwater waterways.

Platypus are dependent on healthy waterways for survival. A healthy waterway can provide a plentiful supply of food for Platypus, including aquatic insects, worms and yabbies. Platypus can consume its own body weight in food in a 24 hour period!

Unfortunately environmental impacts caused by habitat degradation, habitat loss, fish and yabby traps and predation by feral or domestic animals and a decrease in water quality can negatively impact population numbers. There is growing evidence that numbers are declining, so we urgently need your help to know where Platypus live!

If you would like to be involved in surveying platypus or wish to report a platypus sighting please contact:

Natalie Hoskins

PlatypusWatch coordinator
Gold Coast Catchment Association
ph: 0419522207


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