Tarrabora Bushcare Group

Gold Coast’s coastal environment is the city’s blue backyard. With famous stretches of clean sandy beaches, an emerald fringe of coastal dunes, world-class surf breaks and over 600km waterways, the community take pride of the coastal lifestyle and environment.

We have a proud history of award-winning coast care initiatives, with being awarded multiple Australia’s cleanest beach awards and Landcare awards.

Saraya Robinson (second from right), the coordinator of the Beach to Bushland program, with Tarrabora Bushcare Group
Saraya Robinson (second from right), the coordinator of the Beach to Bushland program, with Tarrabora Bushcare Group

Another leading initiative is the City of Gold Coast’s Beaches to Bushland program. Coordinated by the Natural Areas Management Unit, they drive ecological restoration and landscape change management, in partnership with the community.

Tarrabora Reserve is a great example of how the Beaches to Bushland program transforms landscapes into functioning, ecologically rich environments with the local community. Initially saved by the community in the 1970s, the program has supported the Tarrabora Bushcare Group since March 1999.

The Reserve is situated on Currumbin Creek and outlined by the Gold Coast Highway and is a popular spot for locals and
visitors alike due to its location, beautiful scenery and the passive recreational opportunities that include swimming, walking trails and picnics.

10376918_1596570263935042_500919955389530298_nTarrabora Reserve is located in south Palm Beach, along the Currumbin Creek

The groups objectives for the site include:

  • restore native vegetation and improve the ecosystem health.
  • improve habitat diversity
  • protect the intertidal zone from erosion.
  • promote opportunities for the natural regeneration of local endemic species.
  • provide learning opportunities for the community in ‘natural areas restoration’ and improve social connections
  • provide passive recreation in a unique natural setting by the sea.

Group achievements

Tarrabora Bush Care Group were awarded the Gold Coast City Australia Day Award in 2014

The group have planted over 8000 native plants with a range of species that include, Swamp Oak, Tuckeroo, Coastal Hibiscus, Coastal Wattles and a range of other native trees, shrubs, vines and grasses. The group has successfully restored Tarrabora Reserve from a once barren open landscape to a haven for wildlife and a popular park for locals and tourists.

They have recently moved into a new area and welcome new volunteers to join them on their community planting days.

When: Second Saturday of the month, between February – November
Time: 8am – 10am
Where: Tarrabora Reserve, Gold Coast Highway, Palm Beach – pirate ship carpark
What to bring: sturdy shoes, long sleeve shirts and pants, sunscreen, gloves, hat and some water.

For more information contact the Natural Areas Management Unit on (07) 5581 1537 or visit the Beaches to Bushland program website.