Part of Dave's Creek hike, Binna BurraThe Gold Coast Hinterland bring the green to the gold. It forms the elevated area to the west, where the headwaters of our catchments begin. The Tweed Range, Nimmel Range, eastern parts of the McPherson Range, Numinbah Valley, Tamborine Mountain and western parts of the suburban Gold Coast connect the Hinterland, with Springbrook Mountain having the highest peak of 900m.

There has been a long-legacy of exploration and logging, and today’s tourism industry and development has resulted in significant urban sprawl. This has caused an impact on the health and sustainability of the environment. However, we are also very lucky to have many active members restoring the green spaces and connecting critical corridors for wildlife conservation. For instance, Tamborine Mountain Landcare’s Corridors Regeneration Project: 12 years of building biodiversity corridors on Tamborine Mountain.

Tamborine Mountain Landcare members have been establishing a network of reforested corridors along the creeks across the plateau on Mt Tamborine. These corridors connect the isolated sections of the Tamborine National Park, as well as connecting private remnant forests and TM Landcare rehabilitation sites on the mountain. This has contributed to the health of the waterways and provided corridors for local wildlife to move across broader areas as they seek food and shelter.

During the past 12+ years, TM Landcare volunteers have been working on more than twenty sites across the mountain to restore more than 70 hectares of public land. Their work has resulted in remarkable achievements. To date at least 2 major biodiversity corridors have been substantially rehabilitated through weed removal and assisted regeneration with local native vegetation.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 10.31.23 pmThe map shows where TM Landcare’s project sites are located on the mountain within a network of green corridors to help link up the fragmented sections of our national park. It is an inspiring result, one that shows what can be achieved by a bank of volunteers dedicated to making our mountain’s natural assets more beautiful and richly diverse – a legacy for future generations.

To assist with the funding of TM Landcare’s projects, a second hand bookshop – The Piccabeen Bookshop – located in Main Street, North Tamborine, was established 10 years ago and is run entirely by volunteers. This little bookshop has been a wonderful asset to the organisation and is also our ‘office’ and general meeting place for our members.

TM Landcare has worked closely with Scenic Rim Regional Council over the past number of years and has received environmental grants to supplement our own funds. This funding, along with various State and Federal grants, has meant that we can engage contractors to assist with the restoration of the more difficult sites.

For more information about Tamborine Mountain Landcare please visit: tamborinemtnlandcare.org.au or contact Judith Roland (President) 07 5545 2052.

Restored creek at the Ohia Court site.
Restored rainforest at the Ohia Court site.