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If you are an individual or organisation and are keen to do something positive for the environment then…

Join the Gold Coast Catchment Association

The core function of the Gold Coast Catchment Association is to support groups that carry out on-ground environmental work.  By being a member of the Association you can gain access to our network, insurance, website, communications and administration support. This is particularly valuable for new or unincorporated groups who don’t want to go through the hassle of incorporation, managing a bank account or getting their own insurance.

So if you are a group who does on-ground environmental work, we would love you to join up!

Membership is free!

Only groups can become members.  For your group to become a member you will need to complete an electronic application and have your membership endorsed by the Committee and then you are in.  As a member you are also eligible to join the committee.

We would also like to network with interested individuals and organisations which don’t necessarily want to become members.  If you would like to be included in our communication and kept up to date on the activities of the Association and our members, join up as a supporter.

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