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Springbrook Catchment Management Landcare Group was formed 10 years ago and has a number of impressive achievements to its credit. We were responsible for the very successful revegetation along Carricks Creek from the forest on the ridge down towards Purlingbrook Falls on the area known as The Settlement which is now National Park. We have worked on weed eradication and weed mapping, hosted workshops and education days and mapped the vines that the bird wing butterfly frequents that are growing in different areas on Springbrook. Our membership is made up of retirees and working members coming from all professions and trades, farmers and ex farmers, and an agricultural science student who intends carrying on her father’s and grandfather’s farming pursuits.

Springbrook Landcare is responsible for planting in excess of 22,000 trees, while individuals on the mountain have planted tens of thousands of native species on their own properties. Natural regeneration has occurred at an amazing rate over the last 50 years. All property owners who run hard hoofed animals have done property management plans and are committed to fencing off waterways with off stream watering points. Those property owners have been attending workshops to update their pasture management skills and are committed to making sure they have the best property management skills available. Our Landcare has completed the fencing for half of the large properties and are planning to start on another larger property as we speak. Most of the smaller properties have already completed their fencing. We are proud of our mountain and proud of the way we are looking after our environment and we are grateful to SEQ Catchments for providing expert help and support whenever we need it. We have the advantage of academically qualified environmentalists and ecologists living on the mountain and others who know the mountain intimately who have been prepared to advise us and educate us. The quality of the water coming off Springbrook is good and that is due to good sustainable management. I feel that with the afore mentioned facts I have shown very clearly that the people of Springbrook understand our environment and are very aware of the need to care for our environment and are doing just that.



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