South Stradbroke Island Landcare Group Inc

Key partners:   

  1. Gold Coast City Council  – Natural Areas Management Unit
  2. Gold Coast City Council  – Catchment Management Unit
  3. SEQ Catchments


South Stradbroke Island

South Stradbroke Island Landcare Group IncSouth Stradbroke Island Landcare Group Inc[divider_flat]

Description of area of interest: 

South Stradbroke Island is a sand island 22 klm long and just over  two klm at its widest.  The island has a variety of vegetative communities namely

  • Coastal dunes
  • Tidal wetlands
  • Freshwater wetlands
  • Heathlands
  • Eucalyptus Forest/woodlands
  • Rainforest


Restoration of the plant and animal biodiversity to the original unique ecology of South Stradbroke Island.


Although we had been a group working together for some time the South Stradbroke Island Landcare Group was officially established in December 2003.  We became Incorporated in January 2006.  Once we received our first Envirofund Federal Grant we were able to extend our activities and effectiveness and increase our community support.  Since then we have received three more Federal Grants working in conjunction with Gold Coast City Council.


Our present projects are funded under the ‘Caring for Country Community Coastcare’ and are major works, over 176 hectares, which we are carrying out in partnership with Gold Coast City Council Natural Areas Management Unit.  The on ground work is being carried out by Gecko Regen which, to date, has had pleasing results.  This project will be ongoing to June 2010.  Part of this project includes the publication of literature to raise the awareness of the island’s unique ecology.  This aims to educate both the property owners and the thousands of tourists and holiday visitors to the island as to the best way to protect and enhance its natural beauty.

Other information:

After 130 years of settlement, with cattle grazing, timber getting, oyster farming and sand mining, there has been scant regard for the natural ecology of the island.  Our community group is attempting to redress this state of affairs by re-establishing the natural biodiversity of the island.

Time of field days:      

Generally in school holidays.

Location of field days: 

South Stradbroke Island.

Contact Details:

Address:          PO Box 1511, TOOWONG  QLD  4066
Phone:             07 3870 5377

President:        Kathryn Biggs
Secretary:        Joan Jockel
Treasurer:        Gordon Lawson


Primary contact person
Name Kathryn Biggs
Phone Number 07 3870 5377 (w)
Secondary contact person
Name Joan Jockel
Phone Number 07 3870 5377  (w)

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