Numinbah Palm Beach BeachCare

National Tree Day in 2011

Size of group:

Average 20 participants


The end of 27th Avenue along The Esplanade

Description of area:

The foredunes have well established Spinifex runners, large patches of Blady Grass, and Wattle trees. Despite the efforts of the BeachCare volunteers there are still occurrences of weeds, especially along the back dune with weeds encroaching from adjacent residential properties. The results are clearly obvious at the end of 27th Avenue, where the community effort has been focused, as the weed percentages are minimal compared to those are that have not been worked on by BeachCare volunteers.

A section of the BeachCare site, 2012
A section of the BeachCare site, 2012
Celcilia and Emma at BeachCare
Celcilia and Emma at BeachCare


To provide a project schedule and framework that engages the community in the management of their local dune system and to familiarise them with the biodiversity assets of the area.


The BeachCare Palm Beach community group formed in 2005 with the initial purpose of educating local residents about the importance of dunes and coastal conservation. Following this the group set a goal to clean up the dunes and foreshores for their community with the emphasis on weed issues. Now local participates, including the Tugun Girls Guides, are long-term volunteers.

Any other information:

Everyone is always welcome to come along to BeachCare community days; no experience necessary, all ages and fitness, bring along a hat, wear sunscreen, all equipment and refreshments are supplied.

When are we on the dunes?

Sunday 29th July 2012 from 9am-11am for National Tree Day!
Saturday 22nd September 2012 from 9am-11am
Saturday 8th December from 9am-11am

Contact Details:

Primary contact person
Name Naomi Edwards
Phone Number (07) 5552 8823
Mobile 0414 762 374
Secondary contact person
Name Peta Williams
Phone Number (07) 5552 8530
Website address

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