BeachCare Palm Beach

Group name: BeachCare Palm Beach dune care, 21st Avenue

A local resident has been active on the dunes at 21st Avenue, Palm Beach for over 8 years. They were initially liaised with Gold Coast City Council and since the established of BeachCare, BeachCare now actively provides resources and advice when needed.

Location: On the dunes at the beach end of 21st Avenue

Description of area: The foredunes have well established Spinifex runners and Coastal Pigface, however still suffers from the sand erosion events in May 2009 and February 2010. Pandanus trees lined the foredune, along with many native low lying dune plants. There has been a significant decline in weeds, which clearly shows the positive dune care efforts

Objectives: To provide a project schedule and framework that maintains and improves the health and sustainability of the dunes.

When are we on the dunes:
Contact the BeachCare Coordinator to find out more information on the dune care at 21st Avenue.

Contact Details:

Primary contact person
Name Naomi Edwards
Phone Number (07) 5552 8823
Mobile 0414 762 374
Secondary contact person
Name Peta Williams
Phone Number (07) 5552 8530
Website address

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