Numinbah Valley Environmental Education Centre

Key Partners:             

Griffith University – Endangered Frog Research Centre,
SEQ Catchments
Numinbah Correctional Centre 
Job Futures
Camp Bornhoffen


1721 Nerang-Murwillumbah Rd. Numinbah Valley

Description of area of interest:            

Restoration of riparian vegetation along the Upper Nerang River


  • Raise awareness of importance of riparian vegetation in maintaining water quality and assisting in the maintenance of biodiversity
  • Restore and maintain a number of high profile sites as examples of what can be achieved through combined community action
  • Encourage landholders to become involved in rehabilitation of riparian environments on their own land.
  • Contribute towards recovery plans for endangered species in the Numinbah Valley area.    


Nerang river restoration

The Numinbah Valley Environmental Education Centre is an Education Queensland facility located on the upper Nerang River near it’s junction with Hinze Dam. The Centre caters for school visits in either a day visit or residential camp format.  While Centre programs span a variety of environmental themes, bush rehabilitation has been a major focus for Centre activities in the past 20 years.  The centre has it’s own plant nursery where local seed stock is propagated for use in revegetation programs.

Since 1994, revegetation activities have focused on rehabilitation of the riparian environment along the Nerang River upstream of the Centre.  The deterioration in riparian habitat (predominantly due to weed invasion) prompted Centre staff to pursue funding options and coordinate a rehabilitation plan that linked a variety of government and community organizations. Funding from SEQ Catchments, Gold Coast Water, and the Federal Govt. Community Water Grants has been utilized to carry out works and additional labor accessed from Green Corp project teams and the Numinbah Correctional Centre. The department of Main Roads has also main significant contributions to works on land adjacent to the Nerang-Murwillumbah Rd.  More recently, the Hinze Dam Alliance and SEQ Water have indicated a willingness to contribute to rehabilitation works.  


Main project site is on the Nerang-Murwillumbah Rd. in the vicinity of  Pocket Rd Bridge ( 1.5 kms. south of the Pine Creek Rd turnoff to Springbrook).

An additional site on the Nerang River is being rehabilitated in conjunction with the Griffith University- Endangered Frog Research Centre on the Lyons Property at Yogarabah.

Time of field days: 

Variable – contact the Centre for information

Contact Details:

Primary contact person
Name Jim Rebgetz 
Phone Number (07) 5533 4148
Mobile N/A
Secondary contact person
Name Daniel Comiskey 
Phone Number (07) 5533 4148
Mobile 0424 302 300 
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