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Group name: Surfrider Foundation Dune Care

A community dune care group was established in mid 2009 after interests from the Surfrider Foundation Gold Coast Tweed Chapter. They were keen to encourage community participation and increase awareness of the importance of dunes and dune vegetation. Community planting and weeding activities have been facilitated by the Surfrider Foundation & BeachCare at the site ever since.

Location: The foredunes at the corner of Pacific Parade and Musgrave Street, North Kirra

Description of area: The dunes at this site are wide and have the potential to be active and healthy dune systems. The biggest problem for this dune is the severe weeds that are smothering the remaining natives. There were a few birds (butcher birds, magpies, blue-faced honey eaters), and butterflies, which indicates it could be critical habitat to many species in the present and the future.

Objectives: To improve the health and biodiversity assets of the foredunes, as well as engage community members about the importance of dune vegetation.

When are we on the dunes?

Contact the BeachCare Coordinator for further information on Surfrider Foundation’s dune care events

Contact Details:

Primary contact person
Name Naomi Edwards
Phone Number (07) 5552 8823
Mobile 0414 762 374
Secondary contact person
Name Peta Williams
Phone Number (07) 5552 8530
Website address

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