Labrador BeachCare – Labrador Residents Action Group

A community dune care group was established in late 2009 after interest was expressed by the Labrador Residents Action Group. Since then and with the support from Cr Margaret Grummitt various other local community groups have participated to encourage community involvement and increase awareness of the importance of dunes and dune vegetation. Community planting and weeding activities facilitated by BeachCare take place on the third Saturday of every second month.

BeachCare - Labrador Residence Action Group

BeachCare – Labrador Residence Action Group first dune care day, October 2009

 Labrador Residence Action Group

BeachCare – Labrador Residence Action Group day, November 2009


Marine Parade, Labrador (Harley Park just north of Charis Seafood)

Barbara Knight

Long term BeachCare volunteer Barbara Knight always satisfied after getting the Siratro tap root out

Description of area:

The site is located along Marine Parade adjacent to Harley Park, just north of Charis Seafood in Labrador. The dune is fringed with Casuarinas and carpeted with low-lying native dune runners like Beach Bean and Beach Spinifex. This dune suffers significantly from invasive weeds such as Siratro and is unfortunately also subjected to litter.


To improve the health and biodiversity assets of the foreshores, as well as engage community members to take action and care for the local area.

When are we on the dunes?

Saturday 121st July 2012 from 9am – 11 am

Saturday 15th September 2012 from 9am – 11 am

Saturday 24th November 2012 from 9am – 11am

Tak and Yuko at BeachCare, May 2012

Tak and Yuko at BeachCare, May 2012

Siratro tap root

The longest Siratro tap root BeachCare has ever seen, June 2010

Contact Details:

Primary contact person
Name Naomi Edwards
Phone Number (07) 5552 8823
Mobile 0414 762 374
Secondary contact person
Name Peta Williams
Phone Number (07) 5552 8530
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