Coomera River Catchment Group

Size of group:  

24 members


Banks of Clagiraba Creek at Clagiraba Reserve and generally areas upstream and downstream of the Reserve.

Numerous sites along the Coomera River and its tributaries, Yaun Creek, Wangawallen Creek, Guanaba Creek and Clagiraba Breek to monitor river water conditions and report monthly. 

Youth Centre Lake in Oxenford Park revegetating the lake banks and educating local Primary School pupils on maintaining river water quality.

Description of area of interest:  

Our work over several years has been to revegetate and repair creek banks denuded and down-graded by earlier farming practices in a bid to maintain a high quality to water in The Coomera River System.

There is a very large population of school students in the area and with the support and sponsorship of The Neumann Group, especially Nucrush, we have run a very successful program of environment education for Primary students from several schools. This program is in recess at the moment awaiting clarification of Gold Coast Council policy in this area.

The Coomera catchment is a long and diverse one and encompasses both fresh water and tidal slat water reaches. Catchment Group meetings have become forums at times for concerned riparian residents worried by erosion and sedimentation in the tidal estuary. Concern is often expressed over the indisciplined boating activity which gives rise to these problems and contact with the Government is maintained quietly on these concerns.

There is a small park on the river on Brittany Drive at the lower end of Sea Eagle Lagoon where erosion is a particular concern both from the quality of the park and  the extent of the sedimentation arising from it. The Group aims to have the area brought into its program.


The objects of The Coomera River Catchment Group is to assist the Council and the population in the area to maintain the already high standard of water quality in the river system. In this program we set out, with the help of The Catchment Management Department of the City Council to educate interested members of the public in environmental management principles. We provide a contact with Council for passage to them of the concerns of local people about conditions and matters of interest in the Coomera Rive and its tributaries.


The Catchment Group was set up about 8 years ago with the guidance and help of The Gold Coast City Council and The State Department of Natural Resources.

Time of field days:      

 Plantings currently in recess because of site prone to severe frost. 

Location of field days:   

The site is at Clagiraba Reserve on Clagiraba Road, Clagiraba 4211 UBD Gold Coast road directory map 35 5K.

Contact Details:

Primary contact person
Name Peter Davidson
Phone Number 07  5533 2705
Mobile n/a
Secondary contact person
Name Cheryll Jenkins
Phone Number 07 5580 5917
Mobile n/a

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