Clive Pidgeon

Property Name:

Pleasant Park

2007 planting
2007 planting: 2 months old
2008 Planting
2008 Planting with existing planting in background


Property Location:

End of Glenview Road, Upper Coomera.

Property Description (Eg Topography, vegetation):

Flood Plain /Riparian

Restoration Objectives:

To Restore a wildlife Corridor along a small unnamed creek (“Clive’s Creek”) and the Coomera River.


Started in 1984 after approaching area counselor Col Kleinschmidt. The whole area was leased to Russ Hinze for grazing and I asked Council to revoke a portion of the lease. They agreed, but big Russ refused to relocate fencing, so I did it myself. Council supplied 150 Plants but ¾ of them were lost to frost. The few people that helped lost interest, but I persisted buying the plants myself and after many years, council came onboard again because of my persistence and the project grew from there.

New planting with 1 year old planting in background
New planting with 1 year old planting in background
2 year planting
2 yr old planting on left hand side adjoining existing riparian. 10 year old planting on right hand side of photo.

Contact Details:

Primary contact person
Name Clive Pidgeon
Phone Number (07) 5573 1673
Mobile 0409 616 280

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