Beechmont District Landcare Association

beechmont district landcare associationSize of group:

20 active members – 150 email group

Key Partners:  

Scenic Rim Regional Council, Gold Coast City Council, SEQ Catchments


Beechmont and Lower Beechmont


Description of your area of interest:   

Beechmont is located 26 kilometres west of Nerang and just north of Binna Burra, one of the gateways to the World Heritage listed rainforests of Lamington National Park. The park includes the largest sub-tropical rainforest remnant in the world along with one of the most extensive Antarctic Beech (Nothofagus moorei) cool temperate rainforests in Australia.

Beechmont is part of the same elevated system of plateaus as Lamington National Park. The area is around 600 metres above sea level with fertile, red volcanic soils and a mild, moist climate. The plateau itself covers an area of approximately 5,200 hectares. It was originally called “The Beech Mountain” because of the prolific numbers of white beech trees (Gmelina leichhardtii) growing on the plateau. 

The Beechmont plateau was cleared in the early 1900’s to make way for dairying. Prior to clearing the plateau consisted predominantly of subtropical rainforest. There were also areas of wet sclerophyll forest around the margins and where fires frequented. The remnant areas of rainforest on the Beechmont plateau typically consist of large-leaved trees (notophyll) and many vines. The wet sclerophyll forests were dominated by eucalypts. The ridges and escarpments surrounding the Beechmont plateau are mostly undisturbed with a mixture of forest types. 

Beechmont is in a state of transition. With the deregulation of the dairy industry, many of the relatively small scale dairy farmers on the Beechmont plateau are looking for other income opportunities. Many of the dairy farms have been subdivided over the years and the population has grown. The area is attractive because of its outstanding natural scenery and its close proximity to the Gold Coast.


Beechmont Landcare is a not for profit, community organisation working to improve the environment of the Beechmont district through education and projects, in partnership with the Community, Regional Bodies, Government Agencies and Private Landholders.


The Beechmont District Landcare Association (BDLA) held its inaugural meeting in 1992. Since that time the BDLA has undertaken many projects to improve the environment of the plateau.

Other information:

To deliver its purpose and vision the BDLA has the following four key programs and goals:

1. Membership Growth 

Maintain or increase the membership and influence of the BDLA by: 

  • Providing a display at the monthly Beechmont market and other community events.
  • Publishing articles in the Beechmont State School Community Newsletter.
  • Maintaining meeting information on the Beechmont Website calender.
  • Communicate with members and other contacts regularly by email.
  • Allocating responsibility for maintenance of membership.
  • Promote Landcare whenever opportunities arise.

2. Community Capacity Building and Education 

In the settled parts of the Plateau, most of the land with high environmental values is in private ownership. The BDLA wishes to engage with private landholders and the community to build their capacity to manage the environment and heritage of the Beechmont Plateau by: 

  • Holding one Field Day per year.
  • Holding two information meetings per year.
  • Publish three Weed Fact Sheets on the Beechmont Website per year.
  • Provide displays and information on weeds and native flora at the monthly Beechmont Markets.
  • Providing a source of Information Sharing on environmental management.

3. On Ground Projects 

Support the community to undertake projects to improve the environment and heritage of the Beechmont Plateau by:

Providing a coordinating role for Bush Regeneration Projects on Public Land.

  • Developing Recovery Plans for the major sites at Denham / Scenic Reserve, Windabout Road Reserve, Timbarra Reserves and Graceleigh Park.
  • Assisting private land holders with environmental sustainability.

4. Supporting Community Heritage Values Both Natural and Cultural

Contribute to the spirit of community on the Beechmont Plateau by: 

  • Providing free, unbiased information.
  • Recognising the importance of the heritage of the Beechmont area (ie. the Plateau, its Gorges and Escarpments)
  • Coordinate the “Put the Beech Back On Beechmont” Program.

Time of field days:     

Calendar of Events  2009 

Date Event
15 February 2010 Landcare Meeting – 7:30pm – Old School
8 March 2010 Landcare Information Night – 7:30pm – Community Hall
12 April 2010 Landcare Meeting – 7:30pm – Old School
10 May 2010 Landcare Information Night – 7:30pm – Denham Scenic Reserve Wildlife Spotting
12 July 2010 Landcare Meeting – 7:30pm – Old School
9 August 2010 Annual General Meeting – 7:30pm – Community Hall
13 September 2010 Landcare Meeting – 7:30pm – Old School
9 October 2010 Landcare Field Day – TBA
8 November 2010 Landcare Meeting – 7:30pm – Community Hall
14 February 2011 Landcare Meeting – 7:30pm – Old School

  Contact Details:

Primary contact person
Name Craig Perkins     President
Phone Number 07 5533 3307
Mobile 0424 778 685 
Secondary contact person
Name Rob Wilton       Secretary         
Phone Number 07 5533 3857
Web This is a shared community website.