Austinville Landcare

austinville landcare Size of Group:

Average attendees of 15 – 20 per month

Key partners:

Gold Coast City Council – Natural Areas Management Unit
Gold Coast City Council – Catchment Management Unit
SEQ Catchments NRM Group


Austinville (Upper Mudgeeraba Creek)

Description of area of interest:

Austinville is a sub-catchment of Mudgeeraba Creek which is part of the Nerang River Catchment.  The valley is about 15km in length and 4 km across.  The southern end is covered by Springbrook National Park, Council Reserves and Voluntary Conservation agreements.  The middle of the valley is farmland and the lower reaches are rural residential blocks.


Our long term objective is to eliminate all major infestations of invasive weeds in the whole Austinville sub-catchment.


The group started in 2005 and has been successful in getting grants from the Federal Government (Envirofund),  SEQ Catchments, the Gambling Fund and  our local Councilor, Ted Shepherd.  We have used this money to pay our commercial partner Bushcare Services to carry out work, buy equipment and cover miscellaneous expenses.



With funding from SEQ Catchments we commissioned a study, weed mapping and a management plan that highlighted the lower end of the valley as the main problem and have concentrated on getting rid of Madeira Vine and Morning Glory from this areas as the first priority.

This project is a major project.  It encompasses approximately 2.5 km of Riparian Zone along Mudgeeraba Creek and is managed by Bushcare Services who are partly funded by our grants and partly funded by Gold Coast City Council.  The project has been going 2.5 years and is probably 70% complete.
As volunteers with management, on-ground and financial support from Gold Coast City Council (NAMU) we are restoring a site at the Austinville Community Park.

Other information:

We welcome new volunteers and if you have a Sunday morning spare please come along!   We have a mean smoko – with a billy boiled on the fire with lots of goodies every field day.

Time of field days:

8.00 am on the last Sunday of every month except Dec and Jan.

Location of field days:

Austinville Community Park, Staghorn Drive, Austinville

Contact Details:


Primary contact person
Name Wal Mayr
Phone Number n/a
Mobile 0408 264 571
Secondary contact person
Name Mary Warren
Phone Number (07) 5525 3959
Mobile 0414 373 929

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