Catchment Scorecard – Data Submission

To assess the health of a 100m section of waterway in a manner that can be repeated and compared over time, follow the steps below:


  1. Choose a site where you can see upstream and downstream for approximately 50m.
  2. Download a scorecard form and fill out the site information (please give as much detail as possible).
  3. Ideally both sides of the banks should be assessed. However, if it is only possible to assess only one bank that is OK.
  4. Standing on the bank in a safe location score each indicator from 1 to 5 and put the number in the ‘Score’ box.
  5. You can complete this scorecard for all important sites in your waterway.
  6. Enter the data below.


The results from Catchment Score Cards will appear on the Gold Coast Catchment Association website after our resident Water Scientist has analysed the results.

Site Information

Site Score

Please score each indicator from 5 to 1.

5 = excellent health 4 = good health 3 = a range of healthy and unhealthy signs 2 = poor health 1 = extremely unhealthy


Urban Landuse

Do not fill out if your site is in a rural location

Public amenities/access


Bank Vegetation


Bank Modification

Bank Erosion

Natural Flow

Water Clarity


Total Site Score

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Catchment Scorecard

[ilink url=”” style=”download” title=”pdf download”]Download a Scorecard[/ilink]

Get involved. We have over 40 sites being scored regularly by eight community groups and over 20 individuals. It takes about 30minutes of your time, less if the waterway is at your back gate! So grab a friend, visit your favourite waterway spot and give it a score. You can then put your results in this electronic scorecard form and see them appear on the web site map.

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