Catchment Scorecard

Is your waterway healthy or unhealthy? We want to know!

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So often we see a creek or river get a reasonably high score from a government study, when we know from a holistic perspective, it can be in bad shape. Our Catchment Scorecard was developed with the assistance of the Griffith University to be used by the community (citizen scientists) to provide a rating that considers a whole range of factors for your section of creek or river.

Why score your waterway spot?

The scorecard information is used to highlight low scoring indicators and sites in order to attract resources to better manage and improve the health of our waterways. We also need to know where the healthiest sites are so we can ensure they stay that way.

Not Sure How?

It is as easy as visiting our report card page.


green symbolGood Condition yellow symbolSome Problems red symbolPoor Condition

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Gold Coast Catchment Association thanks SEQ Catchments for the supply of these Catchment Boundaries

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Catchment Scorecard

One of our key initiatives is to develop a realistic measure of our catchments health. We can come out and provide a free training course to you or your group on how to use the Scorecard. Please contact us and we will arrange a training time. Results will be collated and displayed on the interactive map on this website, so at a glance we can get a measure of the true state of our catchments.

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