Catchment Management Unit – City of Gold Coast

The Catchment Management Unit is made up a team of multi-disciplinary environmental scientists who are dedicated to fostering sustainable management of our aquatic, riverine and marine ecosystems. Our goal is to have our catchments and waterways healthy and resilient to change.

To achieve this it is necessary for us to understand the processes that sustain our natural systems, what function they play in the total water cycle, and how changes in natural and human environments may impact on the integrity of these systems; including what can be done to reduce these impacts.

City of Gold Coast’s Catchment Management Unit undertakes and supports research and development programs that examine these relationships so that the best environmental solutions can be applied that are innovative, practical and adaptive. Our research and development programs feed into the following services:

  • innovative approaches to environmental education, awareness and behavioural change
  • waterways and riparian restoration and habitat conservation management
  • innovative and adaptive environmental management approaches
  • tailored evaluation, monitoring and compliance of ecosystem health
  • water quality monitoring programs
  • aquatic flora and fauna monitoring programs
  • community capacity building through various partnerships to achieve integrated waterway management
  • assuring best practice design and quality assurance in all approaches.