Cane Toad Challenge Gold Coast

Help reduce Cane Toad numbers on the Gold Coast

Professor Rob Capon and his team from the University of Queensland have discovered a way to turn the cane toads’ own toxin against them, which has real potential to eradicate this long-term pest. The Gold Coast Catchment Association is now an affiliate of the program and coordinating body for other local affiliates. Queensland University uses baits made from female cane toad glands! The baits attract cane toad tadpoles, eliminating two life-stages! The traps are cheap to purchase, easy to use and members will be supplied with bait free of charge. If you or your business are a private landholder and want to contribute to the eradication of cane toads, please contact us to purchase a trap. It is mandatory to come to our workshop nights to be able to purchase a trap and sign up as a program member.

We want your frozen toads!

We also need your frozen toads! In order to keep making bait, we need a constant supply of frozen toads.

We are usually at our office at Country Paradise Parklands in Nerang every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, but please contact us and let us know if you have any toads to deliver as we are sometimes out and about doing field work for our programs.

We can also arrange to collect them from you!

More Program Information

The database includes the number of tadpoles trapped, number of cane toads caught

The data entry form is an easy online form where we collate all data collected from everyone involved in the program.

The info pack will give you a good understanding of what is involved in the Cane Toad Challenge. You can also find all ID sheets in this info pack!

Please find a list here with all emergency contacts that you will need.