Do you want to do something positive for the environment? The Gold Coast Catchment Association can help you!

The Gold Coast Catchment Association is all about helping the community help the environment through hands-on work.

  • We connect people to community groups who are involved in environmental work such as weeding, planting, litter pickup and caring for native animals;
  • We co-ordinate Citizen Science programs that help study and monitor the health of the environment and organise Environmental Events;
  • We act as a sponsoring organisation for unincorporated groups, managing organisation for incorporated groups and provide independent and non-political input to Government.

Why? We believe that by harnessing the positive force of community involvement in hands-on work that we can make a huge difference.  

Get involved!…  and help us restore the Gold Coast’s catchments to places of beauty, clean water and native habitat that will support our communities and our wildlife for the centuries to come.

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