Bug on creepy creeper

Cat’s claw creeper is currently a target for biological control

Cat’s claw creeper is an environmental weed predominately found along waterways. It is a declared environmental weed as it smothers native vegetation and in turn can cause further impacts including channel instability issues and a decline in water quality. You may have seen it form dense mats on forest floors!

The wide spread impacts calls for action, which is why with the help of Biosecurity Queensland, City of Gold Coast and SEQ Catchments, we are coordinating a biocontrol program: Bug on creepy creeper.

A leaf-mining jewel beetle Hylaeogena jureceki has been approved for field release, which are distributing across the Gold Coast area over the next three years – forming a regional approach. The tingid bug Carvalhotingis visenda and the moth Hypocosmia pyrochroma have also been released and is causing positive visible effects in some areas.

We have prepared an information package to help inform and encourage community members to get involved. Please download the Bug on creepy creeper info sheet and contact us to get your own package!

PROJECT UPDATE: finished in 30 June 2016

  • Continuation of the propagation of Cat’s claw creeper at Nerang Riverkeepers at Country Paradise Parklands.
  • Ongoing Jewel-beetle releases.
  • Workshop 5 was held in June 2016.
  • Assisted a local land holder to help manage Cat’s claw creeper on his and neighbouring properties
  • SEQ Catchments will be coordinating a regional forum about the 3-year Community Cat’s claw creeper program we have been part of.
  • Please contact us today to join the project contact database or for more information!

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A classic example of Cat's claw creeper smothering native trees and taking over native areas

A classic example of Cat’s claw creeper smothering native trees and taking over natural areas


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